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Hello Carbot the Movie: the Cretaceous Period

Hello Carbot the Movie: the Cretaceous Period

Animation, South Korea, 84 minutes, Scheduled Aug. 2018

감독 : Director / Choe Shingyu, Kim Jincheol
제작 : Production / Choi Rock Contents Factory Inc.
배급 : Distribution / New Inc.
출연 :
Cast / Lee Jihyun (voices Cha Tan),Kim Yongjun (voices Dad/Storm),Yang Jeonghwa (voices Janggun/Mom/M line)
Hong Beomgi (voices S line),Um Sanghyun (voices T line),Sa Munyeong (voices Suji),Wie Hun (voices Jetran/Tego)
Min Eungsik (voices Triton),Shin Yongwoo (voices Tyracules),An Soi (voices Terajet), Han Shin (voices King Guys)

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Synopsis / 시놉시스

How did real dinosaurs appear out of a VR video at a Dinosaur Theme Park?!

Cha Tan timeleaps to the Cretaceous Period to find out why! He befriends a new secret dinosaur carbot there and gets embroiled in a ruckus around Poop Rock! Let's explore how the amazing adventure unfolds with Cha Tan and dinosaur carbots in the Cretaceous Period!

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Movie / 영상

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Character / 등장인물

  • Cha TanHe thinks he is the most pathetic kid when his busy dad cancels the promise to go to a dinosaur theme park and his mom's also occupied at work. He ends up going to the park with his friend's family and finds a real dinosaur at the VR theater. To find out why they arrived, he time-leaps to the Cretaceous Period with carbots and encounters new friends.
  • BabaA Paleolithic man who closely resembles Cha Tan’s dad. With a stone ax, a boomerang, and vine ropes, he can do anything and go anywhere. Batman and MacGyver in one Paleolithic man!
  • JjangjjangCha Tan's friend from Cretaceous Period who looks just like Hwang Janggun, Tan's friend from the present day. Cheerful and daring, he saves Cha Tan from crisis, protects and supports him.

Character / 등장인물

  • TritonA carbot that transforms into a triceratops. It has the innate features of water energy and releases tri-beam by combining the energy from its three horns.
  • TegoA carbot that transforms into stegosaurus. It has the innate features of earth energy and launches solar arrows from the arrow on his back.
  • TerajetA carbot that transforms into pteranodon. It has the innate features of wind energy and releases energy beams from Pterarod that can be extended.
  • TyraculesA carbot that transforms into tyrannosaurus.It has the innate features of fire energy and releases powerful energy balls from the energy sphere it holds on the right hand.
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